Messenger Pro

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Messenger Pro is a mail and news client for the RISC OS platform which is compatible with all popular RISC OS Internet suites, including the ANT Internet Suite, Voyager, R-Comp's Internet Suite, Termite Internet, Acornet and KA9Q. It is also compatible with the POPstar, NewsHound, FreeNews, FreeSMTP and POP fetchers.

Amongst its many features are the following:

Obtaining Messenger Pro

Messenger Pro is being sold through R-Comp - all enquiries should be made through them.

Current pricing (including VAT) is as follows:

Messenger Pro (offline only)£37.00
Messenger Pro (offline+online IMAP/NNTP)£45.00
Messenger Pro (site licence)£100.00
Messenger Pro (server version)£100.00

Please see the R-Comp Messenger Pro web site for more information.

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