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Re: Messenger Pro v2.68.4 released

From:Steve Fryatt Date:14 Jan 2012 16:35
In Reply To: Messenger Pro v2.68.4 released (Mark Sawle)

On 11 Jan, Mark Sawle wrote in message

> Messenger Pro v2.68.4 is now available from the downloads area at

Thanks for the regular updates!

Since the group list tree changed a few updates back, there seems to be an
issue with expanding or contracting nodes by clicking on the small arrows to
the left of folder names: it only works if some kind of "focus" is given to
the tree first by clicking on one of the folder names.  There's no visible
feedback to show when this focus is present or has been lost, however --
which makes it easy to trip up on.  I'd argue that the arrows should respond
whichever part of the window has focus at the time, anyway.

M-Pro 2.68.4 on Ubuntu Lucid and the Gnome desktop.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England             Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Show
                                             Saturday 28 April 2012 

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