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Re: correct method to "bounce" a message

From:Martin Wynn Date:30 Jan 2012 01:17
In Reply To: correct method to "bounce" a message (Jim Nagel)

In message <435b655952.jim@...>
          Jim Nagel <mpro@...> wrote:

> I have two or three email addresses that are published on the web for
> particular purposes to do with a local organization.  When a message
> arrives that is genuine rather than spam, I send it on to the intended
> person (secretary, treasurer, etc) using MPro's "bounce" facility
> (Shift-B).
> The advantage of "bounce" rather than "forward" is that the treasurer
> (say) sees the message in her inbox as coming from the original sender
> rather than from me.  (Is not this the intention of "bounce"?)
> MPro's bounce behaviour, though, puzzles me.  The manual doesn't say
> much about it.  It seems that the new recipient is added as a BCC and
> the original message is re-sent -- with the result that I get another
> copy of it.  Is this the way that "bounce" is meant to work?  I don't
> recall this happening in the days of Marcel when I bounced a message.
> Also, tiresomely, I find that I have to go to the Outgoing Queue and
> re-open the bounced message and check that my own address as "Sender"
> has been filled in (as distinct from "From", which of course shows the
> original sender).  Sometimes Sender is filled in as me but sometimes
> it isn't, in which case I have to do it manually, or else my ISP's
> server (understandably) refuses to transmit the outgoing message from
> somebody it doesn't know.  I haven't fathomed out why MPro fills it in
> sometimes but not other times.
> Am I misunderstanding something?

I don't think so.

I have never had to fiddle with anything if I use bounce.

To be honest I have no idea how MPro does this other than if I bounce 
it "bounces" directly without having to forward it. It works...


Martin Wynn, Newport, Shropshire.
Q. What are the two most annoying things about emails?

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