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Disappearing emails

From:Paul Beverley Date:26 Dec 2017 09:19

Hi All

I've recently upgraded from my 2008 versions of MPro and NetFetch to the
latest, and I'm having a couple of issues. I wonder if anyone has any
ideas, please?

My desktop holds all my email files, so I have my laptop set to only view
the email headers. Then I click "Delete from server" to OFF, if I want to
download any of the emails to look at them, prior to fetching them properly
onto my desktop machine.

1) On the laptop, I sometimes get a number of completely blank lines in the
list of emails, and if I click "Delete from server" to OFF, and download,
nothing comes, but they disappear.

2) More urgently, this morning there was a 10Mb email from a friend in Aus,
a Christmas greeting, it said, so I clicked "Delete from server" off and
tried to download, but it and another email just disappeared without trace.

(And I don't have her email address!!!)

I looked in my !NewsDir.SpamStamp.Backup folder, which usually has a backup
of every incoming batch of emails, but there was nothing there either.

I've checked NF -- Choices -- Accounts, and the Orpheus account on Oversize is
set to download regardless.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Ta!

Best wishes,


Paul Beverley  (Archive Publications)  Advanced Professional Member SfEP
Phone: 01603-722544

Free book: 'Macros for Editors'
Free instructional videos:

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