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email not readable with RISC OS

From:Philip Draper Date:6 Sep 2018 11:24
Replies: Re: email not readable with RISC OS (Richard Porter)
Re: email not readable with RISC OS (Richard Mellish)

I think this must be a Mess Pro problem. I have the current version.

I've just had an email from a friend in answer to one of mine. On looking 
at it in Messenger all I get is 'sent from my new Samsung Tablet'. As 
usual with emails sent from other OS, it also has attachments: Untitled (a 
text file), Email/htm and Re_new...030920/eml (interpreted by Messenger as 
a Data file; the 'Re_' is the subject of my original email).

The Text file and the HTML file both display just the 'sent from my new 
Samsung tablet'. The Re_ file (opened with Shift double click) has two 
blocks of code. The headers seem to be intact: the whole document has
Content-Type: multipart/mixed.
One block of code has
Content-type:text/plain; Charset-=utf-8
The other block of code has the same except
Content-Type: text/html

Puzzle !: I note that if one saves an email out of the Messenger Incoming 
mail display the saved file is given type eml. But if I try to change the 
filetype  of my Re_ file I'm told that this filetype is not recognized.

Transferring the Re_ file to my PC using the Uniprint system opens it in 
Notepad, displaying exactly what RISC OS displays.

Puzzle 2: Transferring it with LanMan98 and then dragging it to the 
Thunderbird icon opens it with the sender's intended message.
Hurrah, but what a complicated way of reading an email.

Has anyone any ideas for a work-around or even cure?


Philip Draper

Main address (new): Philip@...
Old address: Philip@... still works 

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