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Messenger Pro v2.67.5 beta released

From:Mark Sawle Date:7 Jul 2011 10:51
Replies: Re: Messenger Pro v2.67.5 beta released (David Pitt)

Messenger Pro v2.67.5 is now available for beta testing from the download
area at  As a beta release, the usual
disclaimers apply regarding stability and backup of important data.

The following changes have been made:


  - Fixed crashes in some uses of the group picker


  - Fix bug where %2 was sent in POP3 APOP command instead of digest


  - Fixed bug where auto opening threads would only expand the first child
    at each level
  - Fixed bug where advancing to the next unread message would stall due to
    an unread child in an unexpanded part of the thread

Mark Sawle                                      
Intellegit Ltd.
Developers of Messenger Pro: multi-platform mail, news and calendar software

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