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Re: MPRo v2.67.6 beta - new message alert

From:Mark Sawle Date:22 Jul 2011 08:45
In Reply To: MPRo v2.67.6 beta - new message alert (David Pitt)
Replies: Re: MPRo v2.67.6 beta - new message alert (David Pitt)

David Pitt <pittdj@...> wrote:

> Using Messenger Pro v2.67.6 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 a new incoming message opens
> the new message window and the dock icon animates, jumps up and down that
> is. On closing the new message window the dock icon continues its jumping.

I've taken this out in v2.67.7.  Although I find it useful that the icon
animates, it is annoying getting it to stop.  I hope to reintroduce this
in a future release when I've improved it.

Mark Sawle                                      
Intellegit Ltd.
Developers of Messenger Pro: multi-platform mail, news and calendar software

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