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Disappearing emails - the cause?

From:Rural Life Centre Date:16 Jan 2012 11:57
Replies: Re: Disappearing emails - the cause? (Alan Wrigley)
Re: Disappearing emails - the cause? (David Eaton)
Re: Disappearing emails - the cause? (Mark Sawle)

When we started to use Messenger on Windows we soon experienced major
crashes which Mark has tried to sort out.

They involved the loss of whole mail boxes (on two occasions the main

The symptoms are an endless cycle of invalid header in bin file and
repairing group xxx messages. The way out is to quit and restart Messenger.

I think I have now identified the cause of the problem and wonder if anyone
else has experienced the same?

When the machine is busy with other tasks (starting up or whatever) and the
Messenger icon is clicked upon to start it up, there is often a long pause
before it appears such that one wonders if the click has actually been

Of course the temptation is to click again but this can lead to a second
copy of Messenger trying to start.

When this happens the message database seems to get corrupted (perhaps
unsurprisingly) and that leads to the problems identified above. I've just
had it happen again here and now know for sure that the two running copies
cause the problem. This time, fortunately, I only lost the Junk group

Is there any way that the program can be modified to positively prevent two
copies from being run or started? I think that will probably solve this

Chris Shepheard
Rural Life Centre           Old Kiln Museum Trust
Reeds Road, Tilford, Surrey, GU10 2DL
01252 795571

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