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SMTP send working for one provider but not two others

From:Jeremy Nicoll - ml gem Date:12 Mar 2012 19:21
Replies: Re: SMTP send working for one provider but not two others (Mark Sawle)

MP V2.68.5.3631    Windows XP Pro SP3

I have one mail hosting provider whose SMTP server I currently use ok.  This
provider is not Virgin Media (who provide my cable connection).  The working
SMTP server uses a connection defined to MP as:

       port: 465
     ticked: Encrypt communication with this server (SSL/TLS)
     notick: Allow encryption to be negotiated (STARTTLS)
     ticked: I need to login
     notick: Don't save login details between sessions

When I send a mail using this connection the log file gets updated eg:      
 (209) Resolving host                                  
 (209) Connecting to                                   
 (209) Connected                                                            
 (209) Connected                                                            
 (209) <<<< 220 ESMTP Exim 4.72 Sun, 11 Mar ... 
 (209) >>>> EHLO []                                             
 (209) <<<< Hello cpc3-sgyl17-0-0-cust858...
 (209) <<<< 250-SIZE 2097152000                                             
 (209) <<<< 250-PIPELINING                                                  
 (209) <<<< 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN                                            
 (209) <<<< 250 HELP                                                        
 (209) Authenticating...                                                    
 (209) >>>> AUTH PLAIN d2luZ3NhbmRiZWFrcy5vcmcudWsAd2luZ3NhbmRiZWFrc...
 (209) <<<< 235 Authentication succeeded                                    
 (209) >>>> MAIL FROM:<>                   
 (209) Sending message 1 of 1...                                            
 (209) <<<< 250 OK                                                          
 (209) >>>> RCPT TO:<gemini-users@...>                           
 (209) <<<< 250 Accepted                                                    
 (209) >>>> DATA                                                            
 (209) <<<< 354 Enter message, ending with "." on a line by itself          
 (209) <<<< 250 OK id=1S6sCd-0006yV-Jd                                      
 (209) >>>> QUIT                                                            
 (209) Disconnecting...                                                     
 (209) <<<< 221 closing connection                  
 (209) Transfer complete                                                    

I am experimenting with a second provider, to whom I am considering moving
my whole domain.  For now I have an account with them
using one of their subdomains.  POP3 collection and webmail work fine, but
SMTP send does not.

Whenever I try to send something via this new provider, MP doesn't produce
an error "!" indicator, & doesn't produce any error message.  But the
outgoing mail remains in the Outbox.  The test mails concerned would, if
they'd been sent, have arrived in another email account I have, but they
don't arrive.  Each send attempt produces exactly one line in the mail-send
account's logfile, eg:

    Mar 12 17:43:19 (369) Transfer complete 

I've tried various combinations of SSL/TLS and STARTTLS options in this
provider's SMTP account definition, and it seems to make no difference which
I pick.  

What really puzzles me is why the log file only contains this single line,
rather than anything showing the connection being established etc.  It's
impossible to diagnose the cause of the problem...

I had thought that my one other SMTP send account (not recently used) still
worked, but it too does not - I just get the same single line in its log.
This provider is Virgin Media, but they've been altering their mail setup in
the last months, so I'm not sure I expected it to work anyway.  But I do
expect to see more info in the log.

Has anyone any ideas?

Jeremy C B Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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