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From:zed Date:21 Jun 2016 00:34
Replies: Re: SolusOS... (Mark Sawle)

I have just downloaded SolusOS and installed it to my Lenovo Thinkpad 540s
and now wish to install MessengerPro as my email client. On Distrowatch,
Solus is described as an Independant OS.

A visit to the Intellegit website reveals that there is no specific
package for Solus.  So, I downloaded the
qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.4.1.targz file in the expectation that it
would be simply a matter of extracting the files and doing a simple
configure, make, and make install but reading the documentation tells me
this is not so - unless I've missed something.

So, I seek the help of those more knowledgeable than I to walk me through
the process necessary to install MessengerPro on to my laptop.

Thanks in advance

A Marine saw a sign that said WET CEMENT -- So he did.   

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