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Messenger Pro v2.73.4 beta released

From:Mark Sawle Date:6 Sep 2016 09:24
Replies: Re: Messenger Pro v2.73.4 beta released (David Pitt)
Re: Messenger Pro v2.73.4 beta released (zed)

Messenger Pro v2.73.4 is now available for beta testing from the downloads
area at

The usual disclaimers apply regarding stability of beta releases and the
need to back up any important data.

The following changes have been made in this release:


  - Package for Fedora 23/24, OpenSUSE Leap 44.1/Tumbleweed, Ubuntu Wily/Xenial


  - Update to Qt 5.6.1, icu4c 57.1, OpenSSL 1.0.2h (where bundled)
  - Mac version now bundles OpenSSL rather than use older Apple supplied
  - Fixed a couple of instances where index updates of unchanged values
    cause writes to disk
  - Fixed issue where a corrupt index could lead to a looping repair
  - Fixed issue where images would only partially display in message window

Mark Sawle                                      
Intellegit Ltd.
Developers of Messenger Pro: multi-platform mail, news and calendar software

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