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"Unrecognised batch type"

From:Peter Young Date:17 Jan 2012 14:38
Replies: Re: "Unrecognised batch type" (John Sandford)
Re: "Unrecognised batch type" (David Pitt)

Following advice on the Hermes mailing list I've moved NetFetch to the 
SSD on this ARMini (yes, it *is* going to be on-topic for this list!), 
and Hermes nor runs a lot more smartly.

However, after the first news fetch with this arrangement I had a 
continuous loop of this sort of error message:

17 Jan 14:07:26 002 00000000: Error from Messenger: Unrecognised batch 
type in file NewsDir:MsgServe.Backup.News.5252fee4

and had to quit MPro to stop them. Running it again, the same messages 
continued to appear, and between their appearances I repaired all the 
groups in MPro's Group Choices window, and that didn't cure the 

As all the messages mentioned Backup,News, I then quit MPro and took 
the rather drastic step of deleting the whole of that directory, which 
did cure the problem. None of the files in there seemed at all odd on 
a cursory inspection.

Can anyone suggest why this should have happened, and whether it's 
likely to happen again?


With best wishes,


Peter   \  /      zfc Lu     \     Prestbury, Cheltenham,  Glos. GL52
and      \/ __            __  \                              England.
family   / /  \ | | |\ | /  _  \
        /  \__/ \_/ | \| \__/   \______________ pnyoung@...

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