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Bcc in Messenger

From:Alan Richardson Date:21 Feb 2012 20:26

Hi list,

Thanks for the replies from Richard, Martin and Jenny.

I am using Messemger, not Messenger Pro, in case that makes a difference.

Last night I sent a test e-mail:

	To:  [two addresses]
	Cc:  [two addresses]
	Bcc:  [two addresses]

(All my addresses so I wasn't annoying anyone.)

The e-mail was received at all six addresses, which means the Bcc is working.
Wheh I looked in Sent, amd toggled Headers, I could see the "To:" line and
the "Cc:" line with addresses but the "Bcc:" line and addresses were not
there. Also, I can't find the Resend option.

Thanks, Alan

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