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Re: EmailEdit crashing.

From:Chris Hughes Date:9 May 2012 21:14
In Reply To: EmailEdit crashing. (Peter Young)

In message <a31e138d52.pnyoung@...>
          Peter Young <pnyoung@...> wrote:

> This is with an ARMini, RISC OS 5.19, and MPro 6.05. Since I upgraded
> to the latest MPro I have been having quite a few crashes while
> editing a message in EmailEdit. This is a typical one as recorded by
> WimpLog:

> 09 May 09:14:18 000 00800E07: Error from (unknown): Internal error, no
> stack for trap handler: Internal error: abort on instruction fetch at
> &A0000116, pc = FC1696AC: registers at 000AFB90

> Has anyone else seen this, or is at a problem with my sometimes
> contrary ARMini? To be fair, apart from this problem, it's been
> better-behaved since the last OS update.

Well I am running RISC OS 5.18 and MPro 6.05 and had no crash so far.

Chris Hughes
Sorry you have missed the Wakefield Show now.

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