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Re: Displaying incoming messages

From:Richard Porter Date:8 Jun 2012 13:32
In Reply To: Displaying incoming messages (Robin Phillips)

On 8 Jun 2012 Robin Phillips  wrote:

> I am running Messenger Pro version 6.05, on an Iyonix computer, and
> need some advice.

> Increasingly over the last 2 years I find that incoming messages
> display as text messages (in the way I have been accustomed to) AND
> ALSO have files showing in the attachment area, one of which has the "
> /htm" termination.  If I double-click on that file a message displays
> which very often is a text identical to the text message I have
> already read.  But sometimes displaying this html file is the only way
> to get the intended message showing on the screen.

> Is there a way to set up !Messenger so that if the incoming message is
> in html it displays as intended, without making ALL messages display
> that way?

> My son commented:   I think they had had in mind to use NetSurf as a
> plugin to display the e-mail inside the Messenger message window, but
> NetSurf does notsupport that mode of operation at present.

> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Messenger is designed to handle messages in plain text. That's a big 
plus point for me. You can double-click select on an html part (shown 
as an attachment) to display it in a browser.

The problem is that a lot of messages contain vestigial text/plain 
parts which is very unhelpful, but you can use the 'Parts' menu or the 
up and down arrows next to it to view different parts of the massage. 
Messenger will strip the mark-up from html parts.

You can shift-double-click select on an html attachment to view the 
source in !Edit, or you can press f8 to view the raw message.

You can't automatically display html-only messages as intended. This 
is a big security advantage because you don't fetch remote images or 
malware, or confirm your address to spammers.

Richard Porter              
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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