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Debatch stalled

From:Richard Porter Date:1 Feb 2016 20:10
Replies: Re: Debatch stalled (Jim Nagel)

This afternoon I received a batch of messages, but the MsgServe status 
window stopped debatching at 80% of 16 Kbytes. MsgServe appeared to be 
hogging the cpu so I had to abort it with Alt-Break.

There were no messages in the input directories (text). Any attempt to 
restart stalled at the same point, before a user was logged in. I only 
got around the impasse by moving the backup directory to a safe place 
and creating a new one. After that the debatch completed and I was 
able to read the messages. One message had parttial headers followed 
by garbage and no body.

So the question is why the debatch stalled because of something in the 
backup directory, the size of which was 225MB (going back to August 
2015 which was the point up to which I last cleared stuff out).

Richard Porter              
Skype: minijem2                       mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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