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Handling mailto links

From:Dave Higton Date:14 Feb 2016 22:13
Replies: Re: Handling mailto links (Harriet Bazley)
Re: Handling mailto links (Dave Higton)

One for the developers:

MPro handles mailto links that contain the simplest form of destination
address (e.g. fred.bloggs@...) but not more complete ones
including the plain name (Fred Bloggs <fred.bloggs@...>)

The relevant RFC only mentions the simplest form, so one point of view
is that MPro is in accordance with the relevant RFC.  However, in the
real world, these more complete forms exist out there, and are handled
correctly by other mail clients such as Thunderbird.

So: correct to standard, but behind the real world.

Is there any chance that MPro will be enhanced so as to handle the more
complete forms of mailto links?


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