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Debatch delay once more.

From:Peter Young Date:17 Feb 2016 16:21
Replies: Re: Debatch delay once more. (Peter Young)
Re: Debatch delay once more. (Dave Higton)

(Copy sent to Andrew as he doesn't read this list)

This has migrated from the Hermes mailing list, as it seems as if the 
problem is with MPro.

Recently I've been having a long delay, often about 80 seconds, 
between mail arriving from Hermes and its arrival in MPro. During this 
delay the computer is stiffed.

It's only been happening for a month or so, and as far as I know I 
haven't changed anything that could be relevant. ARMX6, running RISC 
OS 5.23 (30-Jan-16), by the way.

An experiment was suggested on the Hermes list:

1) Quit MPro
2) Download messages to Hermes
3) Re-start MPro, and see whether the delay happens before or after 
doing this.

In addition, I kept and eye on the Hermes MailDir.mailin.spool 
directory as the download happens.

Result: The message appears in the spool directory as soon as it has 
downloaded, and there's no stiffing at that stage. The delay and the 
unresponsiveness occur as soon as MPro is run.

Any idea, anyone, as to what's happening. And, Jim, it's not the thing 
about too many files in NewsDir's Backup folders, as I've always had 
lots of files there :-)

Best wishes,

Peter Young.

Peter Young (zfc Os) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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