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filter frustrration

From:Jim Nagel Date:7 Jun 2016 12:56
Replies: Re: filter frustrration (Julian Fry)

Trying to sort out WHICH of my many filters I need to alter to cure a 
certain hassle, wouldn't it be nice if:

(a) MPro filters could add a self-identifying X-header to a message 
the way Hermes filters can (so that I can tell WHICH filter caught a 
particular message)

(b) the MPro "Filtering rules" dialogue were:
     (i) not confined to that AGGRAVATING Microsoft-style 
     scrolling pane where you can see only 10 at a time (AGGRRR!  
     (ii) sortable in order of name rather than just priority.

In desperation, I found the file !Newsdir.Msgserve.Filters and dropped 
it into a spreadsheet.  It's not much more readable there, but at 
least I can use F4 to search for clues.  Still haven't found anything 
relevant to my current micro-hassle, however, hence wish (a) above.

Jim Nagel              

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