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list of Unicode characters

From:Jim Nagel Date:16 Jul 2016 15:19
Replies: Re: list of Unicode characters (John Rickman Iyonix)
Re: list of Unicode characters (Steve Fryatt)
Re: list of Unicode characters (Matthew Phillips)

I have MPro version 7.08 (2015-feb-16), and it's tiresome to deal with 
the likes of   –   or   é   (which translate to N-dash and e-acute) 
when people email an article for a magazine.  See attached little 
screenshot of a test email exported as textfile from MPro.

Do recent versions of MPro do a better job of saving-as-text when the
file contains Unicode characters like these?

If yes, which MPro version do I need to get?

If no, does there exist a definitive list of these puzzling strings of 
strange characters?  Where can I obtain it?  I could use the list to
write my own Convtext script to handle them.  At the moment my script
is piecemeal, from adding characters as and when they turn up.

Jim Nagel              

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