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Trouble sending news

From:Bernard Boase Date:23 Sep 2016 17:44
Replies: Re: Trouble sending news (Frederick Bambrough)

A problem here that I should have solved a long time ago (whether from 
Iyonix or ARMX6). Something in my setup of MPro/ Netfetch/ Hermes/ 
NewsHound has long failed to send posts to newsgroups such as 
c.s.a.apps. (Mailing lists such as this one have no problems).

The news service is eternal-september and NewsHound correctly 
retrieves new posts from groups I subscribe to. But on using MPro to 
write a reply post, Hermes unsucessfully tries and retries to despatch 
the message. Its error file reports:

> Error: <>: recipient address must contain a domain

The post's headers (as read from MPro's Outgoing mail and news queues 
group) look like this:

> Subject: Re: [current topic]
> Newsgroups: comp.sys.acorn.apps
> From: Bernard Boase <b.boase@...>
> X-Editor: EmailEdit 2.02
> Path:
> Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 15:44:38 +0100
> Message-ID: <[whatever]>
> References: <[whatever]>
> Lines: 13
> User-Agent: Messenger-Pro/7.08 (MsgServe/7.07) (RISC-OS/5.23)
> Bcc:

although that last Bcc: line is not present in MPro's Sent News group 
version of the item.

Hermes accounts dialogue has a Send news entry with apparently good 
data, but it is greyed out. Might that be significant?

Where does that Bcc: get defined? It isn't even a valid email address, 
so may be the cause of the error message. What else might be 
preventing a successful send, do you think?

Grateful for ideas of what setup details to check.


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