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changes to Group Choices ignored

From:Jim Nagel Date:6 Dec 2016 21:35

I have repeatedly redesignated certain folders in my Main Groups list 
to be "archive" status.

I open the "Other Groups" window (ie, the archived list) and these 
folders are duly listed there rather than in the Main Groups window.

However, next time I log on, all of these are back in the Main Groups 

Why?  What's going on?

I should mention that the Other Groups window is not empty -- groups 
that I archived a long time ago behave properly.

Similar glitch:  in Group Choices for a particular group, I alter my 
choice for Display Options -- e.g. "All messages" instead of "Unread 
messages", and Save choices.  Next time I log on, the choice is back 
to the previous.

Using Messenger 7.08 (2015-feb-16) on Ro 5.23 (ArmX6).

Jim Nagel              

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