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changes to Group Settings ignored

From:Jim Nagel Date:13 Feb 2017 13:59
Replies: Re: changes to Group Settings ignored (Richard Porter)
Re: changes to Group Settings ignored (Jim Nagel)

I have repeatedly made changes in the "Edit group settings" dialogue* 
and saved them.  But next time I log on, the settings are back to the 
old ones.  What's wrong?

( * This is the dialogue you get at from menu or Shift-E over an open 
MPro folder window.)

MPro here is 7.08 (2015 feb, seems to be latest one on Plingstore) 
running on the ArmX6 here (Ro 5.23 with R-Comp's OS8).  MPro here has 
two users, myself and my wife; both have admin privilege, although 
that actually means me in both cases.

Some examples, which I have repeated several times:

(1) My wife has too many items in her Main Groups list.  To avoid 
having to scroll the list, I used "Edit group settings" to mark some 
as an "archive group" (via tickbox in the General section), and click 
Save.  They duly move to her "Archive groups" list.  But when we log 
on the next day, they're all back in Main Groups.

(2) In the past I had set certain mailinglists or usenet groups to 
show only "Unread" messages.  Archive-online, for instance.  I now 
want to set them to show "All" messages.  One route is Shift-E, click 
the "All messages" radio button and Save.  Another route is from menu 
over the open window -- "Display > All messages" followed by "Save > 
Settings to group choices".  But when I log on the next day, these 
settings are back to what they were yesterday.

Is this a bug?

A separate phenomenon, probably unrelated but just might point to some 
internal bytes getting trampled in a way that relates to the first 
   Frequently after my wife has been using MPro and then I come along 
and log in (i.e., change user), MPro or Email Edit puts up a warning 
that a message is still in the process of being edited and will be 
lost if we change user.  I use !Closefiles to check for open windows, 
there are no relevant windows, so I go ahead and change user, have 
never yet experienced any such loss.  Have never worked out an 
explanation for this phenomenon. Anybody else concur?

Jim Nagel              
|| See you at the show?   Feb 25

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