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Emails with no date/time stamp

From:Richard Mellish Date:21 May 2017 13:17
Replies: Re: Emails with no date/time stamp (Jim Nagel)
Re: Emails with no date/time stamp (Frederick Bambrough)
Re: Emails with no date/time stamp ("David J. Ruck")

A few emails arrive with no date/time stamp in the header for when 
they were sent. At least here MPro displays them with the date 1 Jan 
1900 01:00. Is this configurable?

If (as I do) you have your incoming mail group sorted by date and a 
lot of emails that you haven't got around to moving or deleting, you 
see the most recent ones and can scroll to see earlier ones but may 
seldom scroll all the way to the very (apparently) oldest. Thus you 
can miss the 1 Jan 1900 01:00 ones.

I've just this morning seen two. One is spam but the other is an 
important reminder to renew an insurance policy.

In the absence of an actual sent date stamp, generating one the same 
as the delivery time would seem better than 1 Jan 1900.


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