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Extract all parts problem

From:Richard Porter Date:13 Jun 2017 20:30
Replies: Re: Extract all parts problem (Jim Nagel)

A strange thing has happened simce I switched email to my ARMX6 (OS 
5.23) from the RiscPC (6.20). When I used "Extract all parts" I could 
drag the directory icon to where I wanted it and that would be that.

Now I do the same but the save dialogue remains on the screen although 
everything is saved. If I now click "Save" the whole lot is saved 
again and the save window closes.

The Export1 directory now contains two copies of everything except 
!Email, of which there is only one instance. What's more puzzling is 
the fact that the second copies are renamed with a 1 stuck on the end, 
but for some reason the html file Email/htm is duplicated as 
Email1/htm and not Email/htm1. The others are .../pdf1, .../xls1, etc.

Very odd!

M-Pr0 7.08

Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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