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Re: Copy from headers in Edit email

From:Jim Nagel Date:27 Jun 2017 18:17
In Reply To: Copy from headers in Edit email (Richard Porter)
Replies: Re: Copy from headers in Edit email (Peter Young)
Re: Copy from headers in Edit email (Richard Porter)

Richard Porter  wrote on 26 Jun:
> This seems to be another change after moving to RO 5.23/ARMX6 or
> possibly a new version of MPro (now on 7.08). I used to be able to
> copy from the header writable icons in Edit email.

What did you move FROM?  If you moved from Ro 6 (ie, the Riscos Ltd 
branch) to Ro 5.23, then you will indeed have found that the behaviour 
of copy-and-paste a "writable icon" is more primitive.  But it does 

In Ro 4.39 and Ro 6, doubleclicking in a writable field produces 
highlighted text, which Ctrl-XCV work on.  In other words, it behaves 
pretty well like text in an ordinary window (though I can't recall if 
you can select PART of the text in a field).

In Ro 5, doubleclicking does nothing; nothing gets highlighted.  
Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C delete or copy the WHOLE of the field.

Jim Nagel              

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