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Newshound and the Eternal-September news server

From:Jim Nagel Date:18 Sep 2017 13:59
Replies: Re: Newshound and the Eternal-September news server (Peter Young)

The free usenet service called Eternal-September has had problems 
recently.  According to a bulletin on the front page at they had to install a new server and there 
would be a delay for DNS propagation.  But message is dated Sept 5.

Current situation, here:
  - news items are downloading (at least sometimes), but
  - Eternal-September rejects any attempt to post items.
Many users have have been seeing the same probs, according to messages 
in other RiscOS mailinglists.

I haven't changed any settings here.

From Newshound iconbar menu, "Servers > motzarellaGroup" contains 
these lines, which have always worked in the past (indeed, since 
before the name change years ago from Motzarella to Eternal-Sept!):
     # Rule file name:
     # News server hostname:,jimnagel,[password]

Two things make me curious.  (1) Where does the port number "8119" 
come from?  I vaguely recall advice from some RiscOS expert in the 
past, who said to prefix the "8".  Technical page at Eternal-September 
says port should be 119.

(2) From commandline,  *show inet$nntpserver  gives:,jimnagel,[password DIFFERS]
In Netfetch choices, the Account dialogue "News server" field shows
and the sub-dialogue for Security shows
     username: jimnagel
     password: **********
I don't know what password that would be.  Is the number of asterisks 
-- ten -- significant?  The password in the "MotzarellaGroup" file 
above has only EIGHT characters.

Am I correct to guess that this dialogue is what sets the system 
variable  inet$nntpserver  ?

Which takes priority, the system variable or the file within 

Any other advice about how to get usenet working again in MPro and 

Jim Nagel                  

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