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My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September

From:Bernard Boase Date:23 Sep 2017 16:06
Replies: Re: My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September (Jeremy Nicoll - ml mPro)
Re: My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September (Dave Higton)

On 18 Sep, Jim Nagel mpro@... typed:
in thread: "Newshound and the Eternal-September news server".

>   - Eternal-September rejects any attempt to post items.
> Many users have have been seeing the same probs, according to messages
> in other RiscOS mailinglists.

In my case, it appears to be Hermes/NewsHound that is having the 
trouble, not e-s, but the end result is the same in not getting posts 
sent out. I too use MessengerPro/NetFetch/Hermes/Newshound.

I have used e-s for years to receive copies of news group posts, but 
for longer than I can remember have been unable to post via its 
service to such as c.s.a.misc.

Yesterday I emailed Jim to ask his experience with the posting side of 
using e-s, but perhaps the question should be put here too.

Using MPro etc. to send posts to news groups, my Hermes setup tries 
repeatedly without success, and the post has to be cancelled. Hermes 
always reports:

     Error: <>: recipient address must
     contain a domain

The headers on my posts look like this:

     Subject: test
     Newsgroups: alt.test
     From: Bernard Boase <b.boase@...>
     X-Editor: EmailEdit 2.02
     Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 19:51:54 +0100
     Message-ID: <2145b17f56.boase@...>
     Lines: 3
     User-Agent: Messenger-Pro/7.08 (MsgServe/7.07)

and contain no To: field, just the Bcc: one (is that correct?). (I use 
alt.test as a suitable destination for testing to news groups).

I have checked Username and Password registered with e-s, and all 
seems okay there.

Since this issue is not related to e-s's change of servers, I have 
changed the Subject line to create a parallel thread.


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