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Re: My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September

From:Dave Higton Date:23 Sep 2017 17:43
In Reply To: My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September (Bernard Boase)
Replies: Re: My Newshound still can't post to Eternal-September (Jeremy Nicoll - ml mPro)

In message <af80208056.boase@...>
          Bernard Boase <b.boase@...> wrote:

>On 18 Sep, Jim Nagel mpro@... typed:
>in thread: "Newshound and the Eternal-September news server".
>>   - Eternal-September rejects any attempt to post items.
>> Many users have have been seeing the same probs, according to messages
>> in other RiscOS mailinglists.
>In my case, it appears to be Hermes/NewsHound that is having the 
>trouble, not e-s, but the end result is the same in not getting posts 
>sent out. I too use MessengerPro/NetFetch/Hermes/Newshound.
>I have used e-s for years to receive copies of news group posts, but 
>for longer than I can remember have been unable to post via its 
>service to such as c.s.a.misc.
>Yesterday I emailed Jim to ask his experience with the posting side of 
>using e-s, but perhaps the question should be put here too.
>Using MPro etc. to send posts to news groups, my Hermes setup tries 
>repeatedly without success, and the post has to be cancelled. Hermes 
>always reports:
>     Error: <>: recipient address must
>     contain a domain
>The headers on my posts look like this:
>     Subject: test
>     Newsgroups: alt.test
>     From: Bernard Boase <b.boase@...>
>     X-Editor: EmailEdit 2.02
>     Path:
>     Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 19:51:54 +0100
>     Message-ID: <2145b17f56.boase@...>
>     Lines: 3
>     User-Agent: Messenger-Pro/7.08 (MsgServe/7.07)
>     (RISC-OS/5.23)
>     Bcc:
>and contain no To: field, just the Bcc: one (is that correct?). (I use 
>alt.test as a suitable destination for testing to news groups).
>I have checked Username and Password registered with e-s, and all 
>seems okay there.
>Since this issue is not related to e-s's change of servers, I have 
>changed the Subject line to create a parallel thread.

I've just subscribed to alt.test and posted a message there,
using NewsHound, to port 8119.  So: It Works For Me (TM).

I can't post to port 119, but when I try I get a different
error message: "You are not allowed to post to..."  I looked
at this last night, and I can see why it fails, but that may
or may not help you.  If I understand correctly, nobody can
post to eternal september port 119 using NewsHound because of
the incompatibility.

I've tried deliberately giving a wrong passord; this results
in not even being able to read news, so it confirms that I'm
using valid credentials.

Sorry, not much help.


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