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NewsRC is incomplete

From:Harriet Bazley Date:25 Sep 2017 13:30

MPro crashed when I carried out a search while logged in as the 'superuser'
(was about to set up some filters for a new folder I created) and I'm now
unable to log in as that user at all.   It just gives me the error "An error
occurred while reading the NewsRC file - File is incomplete".

I've tried examining the file UserHome.admin.MsgServe.NewsRC manually, and
it looks fine.   At least, it has an 'end' at the end of it!
I've tried removing the file to see if Messenger would create a new one.
I've tried substituting the backup NewsRC~ file (which is about 14k
shorter).   I've tried substituting a NewsRC file from one of the other
users.   None of these things have any effect.

Harriet Bazley                     ==  Loyaulte me lie ==

Oregano: The ancient Italian art of pizza folding.

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