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Airmail 3 (Mac) client

From:Steve Ellacott Date:22 Nov 2017 12:38

I run Messenger Network Server on my home network, and can connect to 
it via IMAP using the standard Mail app on my Mac, and also the 
standard mail app on my iPad.

However I am now trying to using the Airmail 3 client on the Mac, but 
it does not work.

Has anyone successfully done this, or can anyone help?

I think that the problem is that Airmail requires the server to 
support either TLS or SSL and there seems to be no way to turn this 
off. (The standard Mac and iPad apps warn you, but do allow you to 
turn SSL off.)

Assuming this is the problem, is there any way round it? The Messenger 
Pro Server does not seem to be able to use SSL. I also have NetFetch, 
which can use SSL of course, but I don't think that helps.


Steve Ellacott,
Home Tel: 01273 885845  Mobile 07887 518247

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