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addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please?

From:Jim Nagel Date:23 Nov 2017 15:24
Replies: Re: addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please? (Peter Young)
Re: addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please? (Richard Porter)

An old friend has just told me his new email address.  So I go to MPro 

Groan.  The dialogue offers "Replace".  Then in its "Find" field it 
wants me to fill in the old address.  I don't remember what the old 
address is, and it could be filed in any of several "folders" in the 
MPro addressbook.

Please:  could MPro offer a simple "Find".

It's a large addressbook (private+public) that has been growing 
through a decade of using MPro.  Surely the user should be able to 
search for stuff (on any field), and not just for the purpose of 

Seems an extraordinary omission.

Jim Nagel                  

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