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Re: addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please?

From:Peter Young Date:23 Nov 2017 15:50
In Reply To: addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please? (Jim Nagel)
Replies: Re: addressbook "replace" should also do "find" -- pretty please? (Richard Porter)

On 23 Nov 2017  Jim Nagel <mpro@...> wrote:

> An old friend has just told me his new email address.  So I go to MPro
> addressbook.

> Groan.  The dialogue offers "Replace".  Then in its "Find" field it
> wants me to fill in the old address.  I don't remember what the old
> address is, and it could be filed in any of several "folders" in the
> MPro addressbook.

> Please:  could MPro offer a simple "Find".

> It's a large addressbook (private+public) that has been growing
> through a decade of using MPro.  Surely the user should be able to
> search for stuff (on any field), and not just for the purpose of
> replacing.

> Seems an extraordinary omission.

The whole organisation of MPro, or rather of !NewsDir, where address 
books live, is a bit of a pig's ear. I've several times asked if 
somebody who understands !NewsDir would write about how it works for 
Archive. Answer came there none.

There is a sledgehammer was of getting at addresses, though. Here I 
have address books in !Boot.Resources.!NewsDir.Messenger and also in 
!Boot.Resources.!NewsDir.UserHome.<my user name>. These can be 
searched with your favourite text editor, or can be interrogated with 
such as !TextSeek.

Best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Pt) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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