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Getting used to MessPro 7

From:Paul Beverley Date:18 Dec 2017 11:18
Replies: Re: Getting used to MessPro 7 (John Rickman)
Re: Getting used to MessPro 7 (Jim Nagel)

Hi all

Having switched from MP3 to MP7(!), there are somethings I'm trying
to get used to, so maybe you could help...

The main thing is that for copying and moving emails, I used to use Shift-C
and Shift-V. But now it's Ctrl-C and (I stupidly assumed) Ctrl-V. But it's
still Shift-V - only Ctrl-C has changed.

Is this programmable, please? Ctrl-V doesn't seem to do anything, whereas
Shift-C now does a Catch-up. Can I get Move Email to respond to Ctrl-V?

Also, can someone remind me how to convert an ordinary folder into a
mailing list, please? Ta!

Best wishes,


Paul Beverley  (Archive Publications)  Advanced Professional Member SfEP
Phone: 01603-722544

Free book: 'Macros for Editors'
Free training videos:

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