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Re: Getting used to MessPro 7

From:Jim Nagel Date:18 Dec 2017 17:16
In Reply To: Getting used to MessPro 7 (Paul Beverley)

Paul Beverley  wrote on 18 Dec:
> ... for copying and moving emails, I used to use Shift-C and Shift-V.
> But now it's Ctrl-C and (I stupidly assumed) Ctrl-V. But it's still
> Shift-V - only Ctrl-C has changed.

The Utterly Annoying thing is that Shift-C *sometimes* does copy and 
*sometimes* does catchup, and in the case of sometime2, copy becomes 
Ctrl-C.  Which methinks a PITA.

I really really wish that the MPro powers-that-be would revert to the 
old familiar way and invent a new keystroke for catchup.  Apparently 
it was thought necessary to have a keystroke when the "catchup" button 
was removed from the toolbar to make room for a new one, but why the 
already-used Shift-C had to be chosen was IMNSHO @m~!* unfortunate.

> Is this programmable, please? Ctrl-V doesn't seem to do anything,
> whereas Shift-C now does a Catch-up. Can I get Move Email to respond
> to Ctrl-V?

Not that I know of.  Or would have done it long ago.

Jim Nagel                  

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