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MPro bug: "Colour of group name" vs other settings

From:Jim Nagel Date:8 Jan 2018 17:21

Here's a rather obscure bug in MPro.  I think I reported this several 
versions ago (5.13 in 2010?) but it still lurks.

 - Select an item in the Main Groups list -- in my case, a group that 
I want to stand out.

 - Do Shift-E to open the "Edit group settings" dialogue.
 - Under "General", change "Colour of group name" to red.
 - Save.

The name of that group now duly shows in red in my Main Groups list 
and stands out, as I wished.

 - Select the same group again.
 - Do Shift-E to open its "Edit group settings" dialogue again.
 - Under "Display", change one of the settings, say from "Unread 
messages" to "All messages".
 - Save.

All seems well, but then quit MPro and reload.
The colour of that group is still red, but the change from Unread to 
All has not registered.
The red has to be changed back to black to enable this other setting.

I suspect that in the innards of MPro, the colour setting is 
overwriting some bit of memory or file that stores the other setting.

Jim Nagel                  

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