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Re: Bad parameters Error when quitting MPro

From:Frederick Bambrough Date:16 Jan 2018 17:14
In Reply To: Bad parameters Error when quitting MPro (Dentrassis)

In message <206052bb56.Dentrassis@mail>
     Dentrassis <gav@...> wrote:

> Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with this one?
> Whenever I quit Messenger Pro (7.08) on my ARMX6 I get the following
> error message:
>   Message from Messenger Pro
>   Bad parameters
> The Postmortem gives:
>   Postmortem requested
>   fc161670 in unknown procedure
>   fc142704 in shared library function
> If I then try re-run Messenger Pro I get a 'system' error message (i.e.
> not from MessengerPro):
>   Error
>   '%' in module title
> After this I have often found other applications would crash so I always
> re-boot after the errors.
> I'm not sure if it's of any relevance but I get the following using
> *where
> *where Address &00000000 is system workspace
> *where &fc161670 Address &FC161670 is at offset &00031D50 in module
> 'SharedCLibrary'
> *where &fc142704 Address &FC142704 is at offset &00012DE4 in module
> 'SharedCLibrary'
> I've tested this same version of Messenger Pro on my Iyonix and that
> does not produce the error, so it's probably something else that is
> running on the ARMX6 that is interfering with the processes of MPro
> quitting - Any ideas where I should start to look?
> ARMX6:  RO 5.23 (19-Apr-17)  SharedCLibrary 5.92 (28 May 2016) Iyonix:
> RO 5.22 (13-Apr-15)  SharedCLibrary 5.85 (03 Apr 2015)

Going for the obvious first...

A difference between your two machines is that the version of RO on your
ARMX6 will have had zero page relocation to high memory unless the R-Comp
version is unique. Do you have a copy of the !!ZeroPain application in

I seem to recall similar errors which looked as if being caused by
SharedCLibrary but were actually by the secure sockets module in Hermes
but that might be my memory. There's certainly an issue with the module.

@ypical ink

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