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Re: Passing URLs to browser

From:Jim Nagel Date:8 Feb 2018 11:18
In Reply To: Passing URLs to browser (Richard Porter)
Replies: Re: Passing URLs to browser (Peter Young)
Re: Passing URLs to browser (Richard Porter)

Richard Porter  wrote on 7 Feb:
> If a web address in a message is enclosed in brackets Messenger Pro
> sends the closing bracket to the browser (NetSurf) with the closing
> bracket, which causes a 404 error.

Here's a parenthesized test ( using MPro 7.08 
(2015feb16) on ArmX6 (5.23 R-Comp OS10), Netsurf #4316.

I tested this in three successive situations:
 * Ctrl-click URL here in Emailedit where I'm writing this ---
 * "Defer" my message within Messenger and then open it in Deferred 
folder (ie, in prettier display format, not Emailedit), click URL ---
 * Actually send message to one of my other addresses via the big wide 
internet and then click the URL in the Messenger format I receive ---

In all three situations, Netsurf shows no closing parenthesis in its 
URL field, and works OK.

Dunno which versions of the software(s) you are using.  Maybe the 
glitch is been cured if you update.

By the way, just curious:  Who maintains Messenger these days?
Is it a particular person in the R-Comp band, or Andrew R himself?
(despite his current painful armlessness -- we feel for him)

Jim Nagel                   
|| See you at the show?   Feb 24

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