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Re: Group Folder

From:Richard Porter Date:10 Mar 2018 09:39
In Reply To: Group Folder (Matthew Thompson)
Replies: Re: Group Folder (Matthew Thompson)

On 10 Mar 2018 Matthew Thompson  wrote:

> I have set up a group folder for ARM Mini Support, and thought I had
> set it up the same way as all the other ones I have, but for some
> reason the outcome is different, but I cannot see why.

> Firstly, all groups I have, have the scroll type icon in purple
> colour, this one is in white and looks like a loo roll, is the colour
> significant, and how can I change it so they all match?

It possibly depends on whether the folder is personal or not. The 
scroll icon applies to mailing lists and once you've set them up you 
can't rename the folder therefore you can't change its status.

I've got four different colour scrolls: white, mauve orange and cream. 
The white ones go cream when they're open and the mauve ones go 

> Also with this group, it appears in every one of email users folders,
> it is supposed to be just with my main log in/user with all the other
> groups, but if I switch users, it comes in both of the other users,
> but this is the only group that does this, none of the other one are
> there, they just appear in the main user window.

If you make it personal and set it up while logged in as a different 
user then it should only be subscribed to by that user. If it's not 
personal it can be subscribed to by all users. I think the main user 
can subscribe to all the groups.

Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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