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Seeing Too Many Users

From:Matthew Thompson Date:16 Mar 2018 20:54
Replies: Re: Seeing Too Many Users (Jim Nagel)

I don't quite know what i've done here, and not sure if my description 
will make sense, so here goes !

On the Messenger : Main Groups (all) window, I have the list of 
directories, inbox, mailing lists , and then at the bottom a white 
cross for comp.sys.acorn which opens up to show all the groups.

However below that is 2 further white crosses both of which are the 
other 'users' I have in Messenger Pro, in short I don't want to see 
these users icons on the main screen window, only when I switch the 
accounts to the relevant user do I want to see the folders related to 

How do I remove thes 2 users from the main window, so they are still 
there but only see the things related to it when I am logged as that 
user. I am reluctant to delete them from the main groups window incase 
I lose the whole user which I don't want just don't want to see them !

I hope this makes sense, it's a pity I can't post a screen shot then 
it would be easier to show the problem.

Many thanks for any help with this


 Sent from an ARMX6 using RISC OS 5

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