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Forwarding emails with HTML parts

From:Richard Mellish Date:20 Apr 2018 19:49
Replies: Re: Forwarding emails with HTML parts (Richard Porter)
Re: Forwarding emails with HTML parts (Mik Towse)

Incoming emails nowadays very often consist of both plain text and 
HTML, or just HTML. Messenger Pro copes perfectly well displaying 
them, offering the HTML as a pseudo attachment and converting it to 
plain text if there is no plain text part.

But there's a problem if one needs to forward such an email to someone 
else (as I often do). The HTML becomes an actual attachment called 
"untitled" -- not even "untitled.html". One of my contacts was 
understandably reluctant to open such an attachment.

The simplest solution is to remove the attachment before sending, but 
that means that recipients who are accustomed to seeing HTML in all 
its glory miss that.

How does anyone else deal with this?


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