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bulk change of "From" address Date:28 Jun 2018 12:54
Replies: Re: bulk change of "From" address (

I want to change my "from" address, the one I use for messages I post 
on Usenet. (*)

In MPro, I know I can do this by the following method:
 - select newsgroup in my inbox
 - menu "Group > Edit choices" (shortcut Shift-E)
 - choose subdialogue for Send
 - edit the "From header" field
 - Save.

But do I have to do this for every single one of the newsgroups that I 
subscribe to?

Surely MPro stores these choices in a file somewhere, but where?
Could I dimply do a search-and-replace on that file?
(Oops:  simply.  But I like it.  ;-/ )

(Using MPro 7.08 on ArmX6 5.23 -- must get round to MPro 8 upgrade; 
can I presume same answer to my question?)

( * As I say in my newsnet sig, I use a genuine address for From, but 
change it when the old From address gets spammed.  I can do this 
because I have my own domain and can define any number of aliases 
there.  In case anyone tries to reply to an old newsnet post and gets 
a bounce, the sig includes a link to my website, where a current 
contact address can be found.)

Jim Nagel                  

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