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Newsgroups won't expire

From:Richard Porter Date:3 Sep 2018 23:15

I've just noticed that I have some newsgroups going back to 2003. The 
expiry is set to DEF/45. I expire old messages manually when convenient. I 
can delete the old posts in the usual way (searching before a certain date 
or selecting a batch and deleting). The spool files seem OK. Repairing the 
groups makes no difference.

Email groups and folders seem to expire normally.

This probably arose when I recovered !NewsDir from my RiscPC backup drive 
which no doubt had accumulated a lot of old messages. I wish I could put 
my finger on why they're not expiring. The newsgroups are only subscribed 
to by pseudo-user "news".

(MP8.00, ARMX6)

Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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