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From:Philip Draper Date:11 Sep 2018 15:26
Replies: Re: unsubscribing (Richard Porter)

This seemed the most appropriate place to put this enquiry.
I suppose it boils down to: 'How does one communicate with a human 
involved with the Messenger mailing list'?

I got a new email address, and I want to transfer all email traffic to 
that eventually. So I thought I would (1) subscribe to the Messengr 
mailing list with the new address and then (2) unsubscribe from the oold 

(1) worked fine, but (2) won't work (2 attempts). The automated system 
tries to unsubscribe me from the new address, although the unsubscription 
request was sent from the old one in both cases. Meanwhile I'm getting 2 
copies of everything on the list. Talking to a person seems the easiest 


Philip Draper

Main address (new): Philip@...
Old address: Philip@... still works 

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