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Message from Andrew R

From:Philip Draper Date:14 Sep 2018 18:59
Replies: Re: Message from Andrew R (Richard Porter)


Andrew Rawnsley asks me to post this on the Messenger list. I sent him the 
complete original email that was the 'starter' for the thread.


Hi Philip,

If you could post the following to the MPro list for me, that'd be helpful 

for others...

The actual problem/solution here is that the whole email (textual message
plus HTML version) has be added as an attachment to a base email.  This
"base" email just says "Sent from samsung tablet".

The attachment (which contains the real message, both as text and HTML) is 

identified only as an "application/eml" file which isn't in any of the
standard "lookup" databases (ie. MimeMap file).  As a result, it is shown
as "data".

To fix this, the best solution is to add application/eml to MimeMap file.  

First, find your MimeMap file - it can be in a few different places.
Easiest is to press menu over !Boot on main drive, then go   "App !Boot -> 

Find" then type in "MimeMap" (no quotes) and press return.  It should find 

the MimeMap file inside !Boot for you.

MimeMap is a text file.  Open it by double clicking it - it'll load into
!Edit or your favourite text editor.

Look through the file until you see a selection of lines beginning

Choose a suitable point in that block, and position the caret so that you
can add a new line (ie. click at the start of a line, then press return).

Now type in the following (or copy/paste it):

     application/eml   Email  b86 .eml

Strictly, those three gaps (after /eml, Email and b86) are tab characters
which will show in !Edit as [09].  Do NOT type [09] though, as it is a
special character.  Instead, highlight and copy one of the ones on other
lines in the file.  In my copy, I have three after /eml, two after Email
and one after b86.

Save the file (F3, return) and reboot.

Application/eml files should then be recognised by Mpro and other

Best wishes,


22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: 01925 755043    Fax: 01925 757377

Philip Draper

Main address (new): Philip@...
Old address: Philip@... still works 

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