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Re: Unable to delete a message

From:Mik Towse Date:12 Jun 2019 10:38
In Reply To: Unable to delete a message (Andrew Pinder)

In article <b6abd7c257.Andrew-Pin@...> Andrew Pinder  wrote:
> MsgServe/Messenger reported a disc fault while debatching.  After 
> cancelling the error message the messages got debatched again 
> automatically.  DiskKnight showed that the disk is OK.  I found two copies 
> of some of the messages and was able to delete copies, except for one - 
> presumably the one that was being debatched when the crash happened.  
> Attempting to delete the message gives an "Article not found" error.
> Any idea how to actually get rid of the message?
Have you tried repairing the folder that contains the message? This usually
does it for me.

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