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Re: Unable to delete a message

From:"David J. Ruck" Date:12 Jun 2019 20:46
In Reply To: Unable to delete a message (Andrew Pinder)

On 12/06/2019 07:44, Andrew Pinder wrote:
> MsgServe/Messenger reported a disc fault while debatching.  After
> cancelling the error message the messages got debatched again
> automatically.  DiskKnight showed that the disk is OK. 

DiscKnight only makes sure that the filing system makes sense to RISC 
OS, it doesn't check the the contents of files, or that the entire disk 
can be read. The latter is done by the *verify command or the Verify GUI 
option from the drive menu.

If any disc faults are reported I recommend pressing F12 (not Ctrl+F12) 
and typing


This will check the entire disc surface for sectors which cannot be 
read, and the advantage over the GUI is that it will also warn of any 
sectors on the verge of failing (which require retries to read) by 
printing question marks.

If you get any faults, or question marks, replace the disc immediately.

> I found two copies
> of some of the messages and was able to delete copies, except for one -
> presumably the one that was being debatched when the crash happened.
> Attempting to delete the message gives an "Article not found" error.
> Any idea how to actually get rid of the message?

You could try repair folder from MPro, but if you get another disc 
fault, it means a message file sits over a bad sector.

When you've got a new disc, you can use DiscKnight's backup option to 
copy as much data as possible to the new disc, retrying multiple times 
to read sectors on the verge of failing.

Email: druck@...
Phone: +44-(0)7974 108301

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