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Re: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk.

From:Jim Nagel Date:24 Jul 2019 14:37
In Reply To: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk. (Peter Young)

Peter Young  wrote on 24 Jul:

> I find the chime on arrival facility useful ...
> However, the chime of yore is now replaced by a faint clunk ...

Same here since moving ArmX6 to an HDMI monitor a year or so ago, where 
video and audio are carried on the same cable.

If I go to Configure>Sound and switch to something else and then back to 
HDMI audio, that sometimes produces better sound from apps.  But this has 
to be done again after a reboot.

And Fireworkz.  It used to beep to inform the user that a Search found no 
results, but its sound nowadays is even less than the MPro faint clunk.  
Maybe both MPro and Fireworkz could do with a setting for audio in their 

Jim Nagel                  

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