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Re: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk.

From:"David J. Ruck" Date:24 Jul 2019 20:44
In Reply To: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk. (Peter Young)
Replies: Re: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk. (Peter Young)

On 24/07/2019 14:26, Peter Young wrote:
> I've had a look in Messenger.Resources, and I totally fail to understand
> the files concerning sound, and particularly the file PlaySample. This
> just contains <Messenger$Dir>.Resources.FPlay -armadeus -file %*0   To my
> thoroughly ignorant mind it looks as if it should play the first Armadeus
> file it finds, but clearly this isn't so. 

No this means pass on all the obey file's arguments to FPlay. You need 
to use:-

PlaySample filename_of_my_armadeus_sample

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