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Re: Choices: Convert HTML to text

From:Richard Porter Date:6 Oct 2019 10:07
In Reply To: Choices: Convert HTML to text (John Rickman)

On 6 Oct 2019 John Rickman  wrote:

> In Messenger choices > Advanced options > General, there is an option:
> Convert HTML to text.

> The associated help file does not mention it and I cannot detect any
> difference whe in the display of emails whether it is on or off.

> What is it supposed to do?

If the message has a text/html part and you choose to display it, or if 
the message is only html, then Messenger converts the html to text by 
omitting tags, css, js, etc., except that line breaks (<p>, <br>, <hn>, 
etc.) are replaced by newlines.

In my view Messenger does a far better job of stripping html than most 
mainstream mailers and webmail systems.

I've no idea what MPro is supposed to do if you don't have this option 
ticked but I'm about to find out.

Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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